Elindor Game Update

I now have a new blog at:

All posts related to the Elindor Online game will now go there.


Silverlight Asteroids

I’ve completed silverlight asteroids as well. I might add some extra features to it, but in the meantime, it can be found at ImagineCup Asteroids. Comments are welcome, and in case anyone is interested, I will put a download link to the source code here soon.

XNA Pong – Completed

Right, well. My XNA pong, is sort of done. I did leave it very last minute and did it all overnight, but it is done never-the-less. There’s no zombies…yet. But I intend to work a bit more on this over the summer and get some zombies in there somehow, and I have some bugs to fix as well. I’ll put a download link to this on here soon.

Coming Soon…..

Soon I shall be starting development for my first XNA game. I intend to make it even better than the original by adding zombies, im just not sure how to do that at the moment. I shall use this blog in order to make a record of my progress with that, and future games in XNA. Watch this space!

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