Blog not dead; Just been busy

Though I doubt anyone actually reads this (and certainly not on any kind of regular basis), I just figured I’d post on here to show this isn’t dead. It is in need of updating however. Particularly my CV… I still really need a job, but coursework and such has led to me not having time to get things sorted.

As far as elindor goes, the coding is still moving along at snails pace, but on the plus side; I’m currently doing a module called “Simulation and 3D Computer Graphics”, but is proving to me more than useful as far as elindor is concerned. And the lab work for it (classes to manage vertices and matrices) can be copy/pasted over which is always nice.

My imagine cup entry was moved to the games invitational a while back, and we’ve decided to recode it for XNA (Silverlight just wasn’t meant for games). We have now just under one week to get it finished…. and this would be an impossible target were it for for the Neoforce Controls I found for making a game UI. Definately recommended. They are easy enough to figure out and look great!

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