Finally, some real progress

If you head over to the Elindor website, you’ll find that the art, story, and sound aspects of the game are starting to really make some headway. But it gets even better, the coding for the game is finally starting to take shape. All sorts of decisions have been made and for those that are curious, there’s even a test installer for the games’ model viewer.

The main file formats that are to be used for the game are mostly decided, and now my main task is how best to prepare these for easy use in the code. Its looking like I’ll be making my own file format to act as a container for groups of objects, materials etc. For example grouping all textures and models for a particular weapon. Im thinking of calling these files “Elindor Resource Collection Files (*.erc)”.  Of course this is nothing definite yet, it could still all change. But with code finally starting to take some short of shape, it certainly feels like the project is starting to make some progress.

One thing I am curious about though, is certain programs and games (such as OpenArena) seem to have single binary executables that can launch on a variety of platforms. The OpenArena one for example, is one single exe, that can load on windows, mac and linux. I’ve tried finding out how this is done (though google) and have thus far turned up nothing. Its certainly tempting to see if its easy enough to be worth doing for Elindor. Should any random reader stumble across this and have a solution, I would be very appreciative.

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