Elindor Site Down – freeGLUT Environment Up!

The entire elindor site has been down for a while now, as it is in need of a new host. Entering the domain into your browser will only get you the sad error of page not found. However, after a few months of desperately trying to get opengl with freeglut set up on my pc, and battling with a ridiculous amount of errors, I have finally achieved a working development environment for freeGLUT. This means that the code for the Elindor engine will be able to be ported to different platforms with far greater ease than if we had stuck with XNA, but the code is easier than to try and write pure c++ opengl code. Now the real development can finally begin, after months of delay. First up will be a basic test program for loading 3ds max models and rendering them to the screen. Shortly after, animating those models. And so on and so on…

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