Mekuru for Blackberry – Test Download Site

While its far too early to expect complete (or even existant) functionality in the app, I have set up a test page for my new Blackberry app. This page can be visited on any Blackberry and then simply click the link at the bottom to install the app. For the time being, consider this page (and the app itself) highly volatile, in the sense that things can and WILL change regularly. Don’t get all angry if the feature you want isn’t done yet (hell, I’ve not even finished the menu screen yet), or if it breaks.
At the moment, I can only test the app on my own Blackberry (a Bold 9000), so for the time being, this will be the only model that I officially support. If any users out there would like to see it on their Blackberry, then by all means, try it out and then please let me know if there’s any bugs and I’ll do my best to sort them out.



The empathy IM client on linux has long baffled me. It didn’t look as nice as pidgin, and would NEVER sign into my msn. When the ubuntu team made it the new default client, I couldn’t understand it. Until now…

Finally empathy has won me over. It actually signs into everything, and uses lots of adium themes so it looks fantastic now. AND its more stable, so I can say goodbye to the days of pidgin randomly dissapearing. Huzzah!

Fixing a broken Wubi Grub

Its happened so many times; I make a fresh wubi install and update it, and then on reboot I find myself dropped to a grub shell. I could never figure out why it broke, or how to fix it. Luckily, I don’t have to! Someone else has finally found a solution!

Turns out, its dead simple. To boot back into ubuntu just takes three lines on the grub shell:

sh:grub> linux /boot/vmlinuz-(Your version of the kernel) root=/dev/(Your Windows partition) loop=/ubuntu/disks/root.disk ro

sh:grub> initrd /boot/initrd.img-(Your version of the kernel)

sh:grub> boot

Then once you’re back in, simply reinstall the package “grub-pc”. No more reinstalls and losing whole configurations! I much prefer being able to fix a problem than simple admit defeat with a reinstall, and my hope in wubi was fading. Maybe this bug will be fixed properly soon, but in the meantime, at least i can work around it when it happens.

British Steam Installer

I can’t be the only person who’s bugged by the fact that when you install Steam (which is an awesome service), and select “English” in the installer – it displays a picture of the american flag. The language is not american, its english – this is silly. It’s bugged me time and time again, and so today, I decided to do something about it. I’ll spare people the technical details, but I’ve produced my own modified version of the steam installer. The ONLY difference between the official version, and my version, is that my version displays the correct flag next to “English”… it displays the Union Flag! Here’s how it looks:

British Steam Installer

The installer can be downloaded from my skydrive here. I hope in time, Valve will see their mistake and make this change in their official version.

Source SDK Modding

After a couple of days battling with many errors, I finally have a source mod compiling and running through steam. Just a few tips: don’t use Visual Studio 2008 (use 2005), and don’t assume that the code generated by the SDK wizard is correct -> because it isnt. Turns out, if you get an error talking about CBaseGrenade, then just comment out the method (which as it turns out, isnt being used anyway).
Anywho, it’s most likely that my 3rd year project is going to be done using the Source SDK, so I now have to spend the next few days playing around with the code to see if this is feasible.
Fun stuff 😛

Imagine Cup Game Entry Submitted

The XNA version of the Aid Game (concept demo)  is now finished and live! Its not perfect, and there’s a couple of  bugs; but if you’re curious and want to check it out, its available from:

Blog not dead; Just been busy

Though I doubt anyone actually reads this (and certainly not on any kind of regular basis), I just figured I’d post on here to show this isn’t dead. It is in need of updating however. Particularly my CV… I still really need a job, but coursework and such has led to me not having time to get things sorted.

As far as elindor goes, the coding is still moving along at snails pace, but on the plus side; I’m currently doing a module called “Simulation and 3D Computer Graphics”, but is proving to me more than useful as far as elindor is concerned. And the lab work for it (classes to manage vertices and matrices) can be copy/pasted over which is always nice.

My imagine cup entry was moved to the games invitational a while back, and we’ve decided to recode it for XNA (Silverlight just wasn’t meant for games). We have now just under one week to get it finished…. and this would be an impossible target were it for for the Neoforce Controls I found for making a game UI. Definately recommended. They are easy enough to figure out and look great!